Breaking {Down} Burnout with Brett Judd

Breaking {Down} Burnout with Brett Judd

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 35

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Brett Judd, Your Practice Therapist

Key Takeaways:

  • Key areas of dental burnout and stress:
    • Staff issues
    • Cash flow issues
    • Stress in general
  • Burnout starts to set in at approximately 7-10 years
  • Divorce rate is systemic in dentistry, and averages about 46%
    • Divorce is going down in general population, dentists have a higher rate of divorce when you look at divorce rate by profession
  • Studies show when our core relationships are strong we’re better entrepreneurs, better at our craft, more creative and resilient. When they’re in distress those key skills diminish.
  • First step to turn around burnout is to realize you’re not alone, and to put together a self-care plan to help ease stress and reduce bad energy.
  • Four W strategy helps you normalize and immediately differentiate yourself from the chaos:
    • Why do I care?
    • Who says?
    • Whose issue?
    • What can I do about it?
  • When you feel tension rising, run through the four W’s to chip away at accumulated beliefs.
  • Work on building a true, autonomous, self-directed team, as compared to a well-managed staff. A truly self-directed team will have the ability to run without a manager. It frees you up to do an amazing amount of core work without the stress of managing.
  • Empower your people to excel in their scope.
  • The last thing you want to do is be a manager. Parts and pieces can be managed, but humans are not manageable. Build a true leadership based plan, give authority and expertise over to your team.
  • Purpose is the primary personal motivator for millennials.
  • Constructive coaching is great for high-stress patients or underperforming employees, it’s a very effective way to develop leadership:
    • Praise (The way that you… I love it when you…)
    • Ask (Can I show you…)
    • Teach
    • Enable and empower
    • Validate


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