3 Biggest Bottlenecks of an Entrepreneurial Dentist: PART 2 with Perrin DesPortes of TUSK Partners

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 162

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Perrin DesPortes

IntPerrin DesPortes, Jr. ​ is a co-Founder and Partner of TUSK. He has over 25  years of leadership, sales, operations, and P&L management experience in the  dental industry, having rebuilt and successfully led 3 different businesses  for Patterson Dental Supply. 

TUSK ​Partners ​ provides industry-leading resources to group dental practices and DSOs. They combine over 50 years of experience with a progressive vision  to create the greatest value and impact for their clients. TUSK helps their  clients START, GROW and ultimately SELL their group dental practice or DSO.

Key Takeaways 

● Introduction 

● The Founder’s Dilemma 

     ○ Aspirations to Own Multiple Practices 

     ○ How Do I Work Myself Out of the Chair? 

     ○ Getting Paid from Your Practice 

          ■ Clinical 

          ■ Salary 

          ■ Distributions & Ownership 

     ○ Generating a Waterfall of Distributions 

     ○ Financial Impact to the Founder 

● Unique Ability 

● Shame in the Dental Business 

● Paying for Advice 

● Funding your Business Plan 

     ○ Being Honest with your Bank Regarding your Plans 

     ○ Finding the Right Banking Relationship 

     ○ Cost of Borrowing 


TUSK podcast 


“For the entrepreneur who finds himself a dentist” Perrin DesPortes 

“The Founder’s Dilemma is less of a dilemma when you’re not being very good at  your clinical production.” Dr. Craig Spodak 

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