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Unlock the potential of investing in private real estate markets, whether your goal is to achieve diversified exposure or gain direct access to exclusive real estate opportunities. Begin your investment journey with minimums starting at $5,000.

Why Choose Private Real Estate Investment?

Since the year 2000, private real estate has consistently delivered superior returns compared to US equities and fixed income, both in absolute terms and when adjusted for risk.

Unlocking Value in Industrial Real Estate

A Smart Investment Outshines the Market

Our team recently clinched an exciting commercial real estate deal: a 90,000-square-foot industrial space we got for a steal at $78 per square foot, way below its replacement cost. This spot’s not just big; it’s in a prime location with easy access to major roads and a super low vacancy rate, making it a golden ticket for us.

We locked in a sweet 20-year lease that’s going to pump out steady cash with a nice 3% annual increase, kicking off with a cool $585,000 a year. Plus, our numbers show we’re on track to more than double our money with a 15.6% return on investment. Not too shabby, right?

We’re all in on this investment, chipping in 41% of the equity ourselves and partnering up with some investors to round up the rest. The plan’s solid: a bank loan at 6.5% interest, but with the rental income and predictable increases, we’re looking at an 8.2% return in the first year alone, and it only gets better from there.