What They Should Have Told You In Dental School

The Bulletproof Dental Podcast Episode 341

HOSTS: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

GUESTS:  Dr. Trey Tippit and Dr. Dwight Peccora


AI has the potential to revolutionize dentistry by analyzing documents and providing financial insights.

Dentists can benefit from AI tools like chat GPT and copilot for financial management and analysis.

Business education is crucial for dentists to succeed in managing their practices and making informed financial decisions.

The transition from clinical dentistry to business ownership requires a shift in mindset and the acquisition of business skills.

Minimizing student loans and financial planning are essential for dentists to achieve financial freedom and career opportunities. Debt can be a useful tool for dentists, but it requires a strategic mindset and the ability to manage it effectively.

Board complaints are a common occurrence in dentistry and should not be seen as a reflection of a dentist’s skills or abilities.

Malpractice insurance provides support and protection for dentists in the event of a board complaint or legal issue.

Dentistry is a numbers game, and mistakes and failures are inevitable. It is important to learn from these experiences and continue to grow.

Effective communication and collaboration are essential skills for dentists to succeed in their profession.

Leadership training is crucial for dentists to effectively manage their teams and create a positive work environment.

Dentists should be open to exploring different career paths and options within the field of dentistry.

Appreciating and celebrating the achievements of your team members can help foster a positive work culture and improve team morale.


00:00 Introduction and AI in Dentistry

03:17 The Need for Accessible Legal and Financial Advice

05:33 The Five Things They Should Have Taught You in Dental School

07:15 The Transition from Clinical Dentistry to Business Ownership

12:09 Minimizing Student Loans and Financial Planning

18:03 The Importance of Financial Management in Dentistry

19:47 The Importance of Occlusion and Dentures

20:32 Minimizing Student Loans and Financial Planning

26:01 Different Perspectives on Debt and Financial Management

30:57 The Mindset of Dentists

32:24 Understanding Board Complaints and the Role of Malpractice Insurance

35:17 The Numbers Game of Dentistry

37:25 The Importance of Communication and Collaboration

40:06 Leadership Skills in Dentistry

42:02 Dealing with Failure and Mistakes

46:20 Exploring Different Career Paths

52:26 Appreciating and Celebrating Your Team


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