Mike Michalowicz on the Bulleproof Dental Practice podcast

Be Different with Mike Michalowicz

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 168

Host: Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Mike Michalowicz

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction
  • Differentiate Yourself 
  • Outmarketing Your Competition
  • Reticular Formation 
  • DAD (Different Attracts Direct)
  • Unique Offers
  • Trust Through Commonality
  • Eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty
  • Entrepreneurial Mission
  • Business Intention
  • Pay Yourself First Principle
  • Different Is Better


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If we understand our brain, we understand our self.” Mike Michalowicz 

The key to marketing is to be different.” Mike Michalowicz 

Look at what other industries do and take it.” Mike Michalowicz 

Different means you are no longer part of the ordinary tribe.” Mike Michalowicz 

Competing for price is a race to the bottom.” Dr. Peter Boulden

“Trauma is a great birthing place for life’s mission.” Mike Michalowicz

“An investment of 30 seconds, but the return can be extraordinary.” Mike Michalowicz

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