It’s Never Too Late To Change Directions: Life and Dentistry

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 173

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Dr. Andrew Turchin

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction 
  • Dr. Turchin’s Story
  • Maverick Investor
  • Economic Fulfillment vs. True Fulfillment
  • Collaboration
  • Dr. Turchin’s Practice
  • Dentistry’s Slow Season
  • Market Savvy
  • Track Record
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Coaching
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Never Say ‘Need’ To A Patient
  • Patient’s Motivation
  • Payment Plan Options


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Cosmetics Confidence Coaching


Collaboration is like marriage.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“I am a firm believer that the market is patterned.” Dr. Andrew Turchin

“Trading one’s own money is hard.” Dr. Andrew Turchin

“I don’t look at the news, ever!” Dr. Andrew Turchin

“Markets can actually predict the future.” Dr. Andrew Turchin

“Invest in your future.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“Common sense is not so common.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“When you confuse, you lose.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“Clarity trumps everything else.” Dr. Craig Spodak

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