Enrolling More Dentistry Through Better Verbiage with Dr. Paul Homoly

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 167

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Dr. Paul Homoly

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Key Takeaways

  • Introduction
  • Complete Care And How Dentist Are Afraid To Ask For What They Want
  • Statistics on Fear of Recommending Complete Care To Patients
  • Changes Due To COVID-19
  • New Responsibility For Dentists
  • How To Recommend Complete Care Without The Fear Of Losing Patients Through Sticker Shock
  • Process Of Rethinking Treatment Presentation
  • How To Give Patients The Experience Of Being Understood
  • The Why And How Of Patient Treatment
  • Patient Advocate
  • How To Recommend Treatment For Conditions Patients Are Not Concerned About
  • Influencing Conversation
  • Talking About Fit Issues
  • Giving Hope
  • Establish Fit Before Establishing Treatment Plan
  • Preference For Payment Plans
  • Mindset Shift
  • The Concept Of Readiness
  • Leadership For Education
  • Patient Leadership
  • Leadership Component of Dentistry
  • Career Plateau


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“The Phantom of the Operatory” by Dr. Paul Homoly

Dr. Paul Homoly’s Website


“Life will give you what you ask of it.” Dr. Craig Spodak

Offering complete care is the new standard of care.” Dr. Paul Homoly

The whole idea of patient education is overrated.” Dr. Paul Homoly

Patient education doesn’t change fit issues, at all.” Dr. Paul Homoly

I’m getting crappy results, because I’m not doing the work.” Dr. Peter Boulden

Education isn’t the trigger, it is part of the change process.” Dr. Paul Homoly

Instead of educating, lead.” Dr. Paul Homoly

It takes a different level of self-esteem to lead.” Dr. Craig Spodak

Leader = Destination + Resources + Confidence” Dr. Paul Homoly


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