Meaning Over Money with Dr. Clifton Cameron

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 148

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Dr. Clifton Cameron

Key Takeaways 

● Introduction 

● Dr. Cameron’s Background & Perspective on Dental Industry 

● Establishing a Culture 

● Crises as Silver Linings 

● Ups and Downs in Business  

● Being Committed to the Path 

● Fueling Growth 

● Pain Points 

● Iconic Environments 

● Creating an Experience 

● Millennial Dentists 

● 5 Year Plan 

     ○ Executing Growth & Impact 

     ○ Being a Leader Who Curates other Leaders 

● Strategic Focus Quarterly 

     ○ Praise & Recognition 

     ○ Accountability 

     ○ Aspirations 

     ○ Reflection 

● Audit Where You Are 

● Peter Diamandis 

● Transformative Dentistry 

● Closing


Peter Diamandis  

Summit 2020 


You Might Be Smarter Than Me, But You’re Not Smarter Than My Entire Team 

When People are Running They Drop Things 

You Didn’t Land on Top of the Mountain, You Climb There 

Character is the ability to make that worthwhile
 commitment once the emotion  of making the commitment has passed 

If You Have a Big Enough Reason “Why” You Can Accomplish Anything 

Arrows Pointing Out, Not Arrows Pointing In

If I Don’t Take Control of My Calendar, Someone Else Will 

If it’s Not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No

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