Your Phones are Killing Your Practice…

Jeff Hopeck is the owner & founder of Killer Shark Marketing. Most of Jeff’s clients are in the ‘dental space’ so he knows what he’s talking about. Killer Shark was primarily focused on website creation and PPC marketing help. This is still the core of how Killer Shark excels through custom, digitally curated websites, but…

Jeff realized it doesn’t matter HOW MUCH traffic & phones calls he could drive to the office IF they couldn’t convert the phone call. Countless times in the past he would be frustrated that his clients were experiencing SIGNIFICANT increase in web traffic & phone calls, but the growth of the practice was remaining unchanged.

Wanting full accountability, Jeff has developed a call tracking software called SHARK TALK. Before you roll your eyes at another call tracking product (like I did)… Wait until you hear how Shark Talk is different. As with all the podcast’s guests, I want to ensure that we are delivering huge value without having to buy a thing. Jeff gives some real tips and tricks that he’s learnedthrough his journey of becoming a phone data scientist. You need to hear this stuff….

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