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Optimizing Local Dental SEO Presence w/Darren Shaw

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 9

Host: Dr. Peter Boulden Atlanta Dental Spa

Guest: Darren Shaw

Founder & President of Whitespark

Email: darren@whitespark.ca


Key Takeaways:

  • Local SEO is about making sure your business appears in local search.
  • Google has become better at showing you relevant search results that are near your location.
  • Google is mobile-first. You need to design your website for mobile by either having a mobile-specific site or have a responsive site.
  • Organic SEO is based on the content and the links on your website. Local SEO adds reviews, citations (listing in business directory) and Google My Business listing.
  • Citations
    • Citations is anywhere in the web where your name and business address is mentioned. Be careful not to overdo or it will appear spammy.
    • Note: If you use Yext, cancelling it will have major impacts to your listings.
  • Reviews
    • You can ask people to write reviews for you in Google by sending them a link.
    • For Yelp, only ask active Yelpers for review. Otherwise, the review won’t be credited. Tip: Connect your Yelp account to your Facebook account to find active Yelpers among your friends.
  • Tips on how to check your local SEO
    • Ask your customers to write reviews for you in Google.
    • Build your listings online in the Top 50 directory website.
    • Claim your business in Google.
    • Increase relevant content in your website.


Google Review Link Generator by Whitespark


The Orenda by Joseph Boyden

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“Reviews have massive impact on your business, not just your ranking. – Darren Shaw”

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