Win the Day: Running Successful Morning Huddles

Win the Day: Running Successful Morning Huddles

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 18

Host: Dr. Peter Boulden / Atlanta Dental Spa

Key Takeaways

3 Reasons for Doing a Morning Huddle

  1. Bring your team into alignment
  2. Allow you to discuss opportunity
  3. Provides transparency. You can share your numbers with your team.

Tips for a Good Meeting:

  • Meetings should be done by the office manager or a team member
  • Start on time and when everyone is ready.
  • Meetings should be 15 minutes max.
  • End the meeting on a motivational note.

Top Things to Discuss in a Meeting:

  • Look for same day opportunities
  • Look for outstanding treatments
  • Look for outstanding balances
  • Look for any marketing opportunities


“If you’re not doing the morning meeting, I highly recommend that you start ASAP because it will change the game.” – Dr. Peter Boulden

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