The Importance of Reviews, Reputation Management, SEO and More with Eric Rea of Podium

The Importance of Reviews, Reputation Management, SEO and More with Eric Rea of Podium

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 50

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Eric Rea, CEO of Podium

Key Takeaways:

  • Podium is a reputation management platform, helping to significantly boost your practice’s online reviews, and Podium has funding invested from Google.
  • Podium focused on creating a great experience for the patient. This helps boost conversion rates and gets you more & better reviews.
  • Reviews are made simple, and are targeted to platforms that are most popular with the user and the practice.
  • Podium has access to parts of Google’s API that other competitors don’t, which gives them unique access into how their review system works.
  • Recentness of reviews is important to Google’s algorithm so it’s key to continue getting rave reviews from your patients.
  • User generated content (reviews, social media postings from patients, etc) is a way better predictor of your SEO rank than how many links you have to your website.
  • Google Local Guides carry more weight than other reviewers.
  • To comply with Yelp’s policies of not asking for reviews on their platform, Podium does not solicit reviews for Yelp.
  • The most important platforms for dentists to pay attention to are Instagram/Facebook, Snapchat, and Google. These are the platforms where people spend their time, and they’re all working to integrate other features to become unique ecosystems.
  • Reviews have shifted the marketing equation, you can’t fake real people talking about you online.
  • Video reviews are important for the future, but they’re really hard to sift through. Review platforms haven’t gotten to a place where they make video reviews possible or easy.
  • Voice-activated devices are also key to future marketing. Imagine giving your review to Siri or Alexa!
  • Podiums software will scale and change based on future development from Google.
  • 90% of reputation management companies are NOT recommended by the review platform sites.
  • Making experiences seamless is how companies thrive.
  • Podium is working on a communication platform that allows offices to connect with patients and make communication seamless.
  • Click HERE to sign up for Podium w/no activation fees!


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“Consumers are conditioned to always look at reviews.” Dr. Peter Boulden

“Focus on creating an experience for the patient that you would want to have yourself.” Eric Rea

“Dentists who take care of their craft and take care of the details are the ones who will succeed.” Eric Rea

“If you’re providing massive value, you deserve to be successful.” Dr. Craig Spodak

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