DSO’s and the Power of Masterminds with Jacob Puhl

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 105

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Jacob Puhl

Key Takeaways:

  • DEO Dental Group Summit 2019
    • Dental Force
  • Dental groups
    • Scaling practices
    • Trends in DSO’s
    • Centralised call systems
  • DSO’s
    • DSO 2.0
    • Top down, bottom up
  • Outside vs Inside
  • Types of dentist

    • Being the best you can be
  • The value of the mastermind
    • Bouncing off others
    • Being the next version of yourself
  • Risks of group dentistry & DSO expansion
  • DEO Dental Group Summit 2019
    • Guest speakers
  • Changing payment systems 



DEO Dental Group Summit 2019

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