Influence & Culture Building with Elijah Desmond

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 56

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Elijah Desmond

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a commonality in all successful people. It’s hunger for more.
  • If you aren’t making mistakes or haven’t made one in the last year, you are playing it too safe.
  • Elijah Desmond runs a Facebook page called Trapped in an Op for those professionals who want to venture from the traditional clinical setting in dentistry.
  • The main issue dental teams are suffering from is drama. Either you have the wrong people or the wrong culture in the office.
  • If you are lacking alignment how can you work well as a team?
  1. Everyone is a consultant these days.
    1. Business owners are more self conscious than ever with social media outlets being readily available with information.
    2. Stop listening to everyone else. Focus on your goals and what you want out of your career.
  2. There is currently a changing of hands. The older generation is passing the baton and a new generation of influencers is rising.
  3. What is the reason why you entered in this profession?
    1. For most, the number one reason to be in this profession is to make people smile.
    2. Focusing on the big picture and changing lives
  4. What is your hygienist supposed to do?
    1. Focus on complete oral health
    2. Don’t brush off hygiene checks this is where treatment is converted! You have already established a connection with these patients. They more likely to agree to recommended treatment with the help of your hygiene team.
    3. Dental Intel will track which Doctor/Hygienist work best together in converting over treatment.
  • Mention Bulletproof Dental Practice and sign up for Dental Intel w/no activation fee.


“Magic is hard work.” – Dr. Craig Spodak

“Motivation and determination without procrastination is the key to success.” – Elijah Desmond

“The way you get to the top is by helping other people get there too.” – Dr. Craig Spodak


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