Get your balance in 2017!

Something I know we all struggle with in our lives is BALANCE. I constantly hear people complaining about how their lives are “out of balance.” They will excel in one area – only to find they’ve neglected another important aspect of their life that is now in shambles.

I’m not sitting here trying to tell you my life is BALANCED. I think it’s a moving target and you never REALLY get 100% perfect balance in your life. But I can guarantee that being purposeful about your intent to be balanced is a 10X improvement on your struggle.


This is a sheet that I have used and modified since about 2009.  This is the current version and the one that I will have printed again for this year. Feel free modify it and use it. It’s brought tremendous value to my life and because of that, I want to share it in hopes it does the same for even one of you!

If you haven’t heard the podcast (might not be launched at the time of this post) that I did called “Goal Setting Sucks,” I invite you to listen to it because this circle diagram plays nicely with that.

I genuinely wish you a POWERFUL and impactful 2017! This can be your best year ever!


Check out the PDF of my balance circle

Daily Balance

Get this printed in a binder for daily contribution


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