Dr. Steven Rasner's "6 Things I Would Do If I Started Over on Monday"

Dr. Steven Rasner’s “6 Things I Would Do If I Started Over on Monday”

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 53

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Dr. Steven Rasner

Key Takeaways:

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  • There is hope and prosperity of ownership.
  • Oral sedation has the capacity to expand your practice very quickly.
  • You can easily market oral sedation.
  • The triad for a successful office- oral sedation, extractions and implants.
  • Why oral sedation is better? People automatically assume that can’t handle the cost associated with IV sedation.
  • One key to a successful practice- Preforming a comprehensive exam on every patient!
  • 6 things I would do if I started over on Monday:
  1. Financial discipline straight out of dental school. Invest in yourself early on.
    1. Start by taking 1 CE course every quarter and 1 continuum every year.
    2. 95% of dentists cannot retire at age 65 and sustain themselves
  2. Seek out successful mentors. This exposes you to other dentist as a resource.
  3. Most important protocol for new patient’s is phone verbiage.
    1. It doesn’t cost to be nice. You want your patients to feel a “Cheers atmosphere” where everyone knows your name.
    2. When taking a new patient phone call, you want them to invest in:
      1. seeing an out of network provider
      2. getting their significant other to come to the appointment
      3. paying up front
  1. Willingness to do morning meetings with team members to review old balances, new patients, any special needs and special events on your schedule.
  2. Embrace your community.
  3. Treatment plan your life. Remember to ask yourself: Am I happy living my life the way I’m doing it?
    1. Balance your life. Keep living like a dental student when you’re out as a dentist.



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