An International Dental Phenom with Dr. Michael Apa

An International Dental Phenom with Dr. Michael Apa

Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 52

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Dr. Michael Apa, Partner Rosenthal Apa Group, Founder Apa Aesthetic in Dubai

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Key Takeaways:

  • Apa travels back and forth from New York City to Dubai, focusing on creating amazing cosmetic cases.
  • The small details in dentistry are best answered by people who are doing it in and out every day.
  • Apa figured out how to take a lot of time in planning and prep, so the design and implementation of a case works PERFECTLY with no complications.
  • After so many cases Dr. Apa’s team now works like a symphony.
  • To have such high output you must have the driving passion and dedication.
  • For Dr. Apa the work itself, and seeing patient’s reaction is very rewarding. When you do so much dentistry, you start amassing an audience of people who help to continue propelling you forward.
  • Achievement is a drug that keeps high performers going strong, wanting to do more and more.
  • In dentistry we draw a small box around what we think is the profession, but you can really do anything you want to do.
  • Dentistry lately seems to be focused on the negative; insurance, corporations, debt, etc.
  • Younger dentists are searching out more positive messages.
  • You can’t listen to what is coming down the pipeline, you must find your own will and your own way.
  • Take what everyone says to you, take it in, and exhale and stay true to what YOU want to accomplish.
  • People in the US have a much higher knowledge about what is possible in dentistry. Other areas of the world have great opportunity to educate and train the population – and dentists – on what is possible.
  • To feel the level of passion Dr. Apa has, you must be able to reach the general public. The best way to get patients of any quantity is to reach them where their attention is: social media.


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“Achievement is a drug that keeps high performers going strong, wanting to do more and more.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“Dentistry is a snowflake, you can express your vision however you want.” Dr. Craig Spodak

“Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do.” Dr. Michael Apa

“Listening to your patients is the best education.” Dr. Michael Apa

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