The Retirement Formula with Reese Harper

The Retirement Formula with Reese Harper

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 82

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Reese Harper, CEO

Key Takeaways:

  • Average retirement age for dentists is 69
  • Most dentists retire when they think they can, they don’t wait longer
  • When to retire
    • Calculate total net worth, retirement accounts, cash, investment to determine
    • Make 30-35 times what is spent in 1 year at any age younger than 70
      • Example: $200,000 spent in a year, net worth should be $6-7 million
    • TT Score: Net worth divided by annual spending
      • Wealth should grow at 3.3% or more at a TT score of 30 to never run out of money and maintain principle
  • A lot of people don’t have a clear picture of how their net worth is growing, so they don’t make any changes
  • Track personal net worth statement and progress report quarterly
  • Spending 30% of your total gross rate is ideal
    • This will allow a 20+% savings rate
    • Average savings % is 21
  • Focus on net worth not savings
  • People often pursue accumulating assets in the wrong order
    • Focus on practice equity, then liquidity, then qualified assets, then real estate
  • More practice equity leads to higher investment returns


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