Successful FFS Practice Model with Dr. David Eshom

Successful FFS Practice Model with Dr. David Eshom

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 85

Hosts: Dr. Peter Boulden & Dr. Craig Spodak

Guest: Dr. David Eshom, David Eshom DDS

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Eshom runs a very successful FFS practice in San Diego and is an Invisalign superstar!
  • Invisalign is not a commodity, although there is a lot more competition in the field than before
  • A lot of people underestimate what Invisalign can do
  • Compliment your patients and make them feel good about their smile
  • The piece of equipment that you shouldn’t live without and has the highest ROI: digital camera
  • People will say yes to treatment much more when they see what can be changed with their smile
  • Take a big leap with Invisalign, you can’t just dabble
  • Entrust your team to learn and perfect the Invisalign practice so you aren’t responsible for all aspects
  • Don’t leave practices angry and make sure you know what you’re getting into when joining a practice
  • Private practices provide great value when you can make patients happy, take time to listen to patients, and do the work right
  • You have to have a good website, it has to serve what patients are looking for
    • Have a contact form where people can request a free estimate
  • Surround yourself with a great team and get out of their way


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