About Peter

Georgia native. Married & father of 3 kiddos. Been practicing clinical dentistry for 15 years. Owner of Atlanta Dental Spa and Blairsville Dentistry.

I love being a dentist. I love my profession and industry. It allows me to work hard for my family but also provides a nice healthy work / life balance.

I love the BUSINESS of dentistry. Why do some practices fail? Why do some thrive? Why are some profitable? Why are some going bankrupt? These are the questions I was mesmerized with even as a dental student. I learned a ton through my career, and have a ton more learning to do. Maybe my knowledge base in the business of dentistry has a lot to do with the fact that mistakes are nothing but accelerated (and expensive!) learning.

You wanna read more about me? Haha!

Well currently I’m on a quest for health. Fixing my bloodwork, labs, etc. Trying through diet, nutrition and exercise. Not to mention I’m trying (emphasis on try) to do meditation in the morning.

I’m an adventure seeker. Love to go kiteboarding at every opportunity I get. I love mountain biking and do it about 3x / week as part of my fun / cardio combo!