Lease vs. Buy with Jason Price

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 115

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Jason Price

Key Takeaways:

  • Bulletproof Dental Summit 2019
  • Introduction To Jason
  • Jason’s Background
    • Dental Real Estate
  • Common Mistakes In Leasing
    • Economic Factors Over Risk Factors
    • Exit Plan
    • Personal Guarantees
  • Lease vs Buy
    • Loans
    • Controlling Your Real Estate
    • Sales Tax
  • The Planning Process
    • 2 Years Before
    • Comprehensive
  • Real Estate & Dentistry
    • Staying In Your Lane
    • Designing Your Practice
    • Equity
  • Interest & Assets
  • Changes In The Future For Dental Offices
    • Multiple Locations
    • Larger Locations


Bulletproof Dental Summit 2019

Crown Tenant Advisors


I Like Dentist’s To Have Control Of Where Their Economic Engine Is – Jason Price

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