Dr. Miguel Stanley: Part 2

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Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast Episode 159

Hosts: Dr. Craig Spodak & Dr. Peter Boulden

Guest: Dr. Miguel Stanley

Key Takeaways 

● Introduction 

● COVID Effects and Changes 

● Reprogramming Marketing to Safety 

● Accommodating Patients 

● Empathetic Leadership and Struggles 

● Slow Dentistry in Covid 

     ○ Cleaning Floors 

     ○ Top-Down 

     ○ Disinfecting Packages and Contents 

     ○ PPE  

     ○ Contactless Hand Washing 

     ○ Downsizing Operatories 

     ○ Virtual Front Desk 

     ○ Mouth Rinse/Gargle 

     ○ Iodine Spray 

     ○ 60% Capacity 

     ○ Aerosols 

     ○ PrePaid Appointments  

● Quality Practices  

● PPP, COVID Models and Protocols 

● Supplements 

● Getting Back to Work 

● Creating a Fund to Market the Importance of Dentistry 

● Craftwork 

● Smart Controls at Work 

● Trading Short Term Greed for Long Term Greed 

● Changes  


Covid Relationship to Slow Dentistry ​

Sapiens book  


“Confused and unfearful.” -Dr. Spodak 

“Put on your gloves and fight.” -Dr. Stanley 

“There is no shame in losing your business when the world is on fire.” -Dr.  Stanley 

“Covid-Style Marketing” -Dr. Boulden 

“You can’t polish a turd.” -Dr. Boulden

“Dentistry is safe – everybody’s going to need us.” -Dr. Stanley

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